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Credit dragonwinniekotlc sophie and linh chilling and enjoying
credit: dragonwinnie-kotlc sophie and linh chilling and enjoying music under a certain panakes tree♡ solinh
Sophie and Fitz, by Xylia Neo
Beautiful Linh art by kidalaifu 😍 - - - #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #fanart #linhsong #art
credit: dragonwinnie-kotlc pretty flower elves linhiana with intertwined braid ♡
Biana, Marella, Sophie, and Linh.
Linh Song- Kotlc
Older, but hey, Keeper of the Lost Cities! Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Sophie (with Pink Iggy), and Dex. I emailed it to Shannon a… | Keeper of the Lost Cities in ...
Linh Song-Kotlc
Biana - Keeper of the Lost Cities
credit: dragonwinnie-kotlc stinella with marella braiding stina's hair <3
@daceymaeart on IG Shannon Messenger linh song fanart keeper of the lost cities kotlc art
Sophie and Fitz, drawn by jaceherondaleismyboyfriend on tumblr
What if sophie was actually a pyrokinetic Keeper of the lost cities
Main @akingdreams sur Instagram : KOTLC CHILDREN OML LOOK HSHDHS ✨✨👏👏 @daceymaeart #kotlcfanart #keeperofthelostcities #kotlc #kotlcfanartgalore
Credit to @calypso.k #sokeefe #ididnotdrawthis #keefe #sophie #keefeandsophie #fanart #keefesencen #sophiefoster…” • Instagram
Keefe and Sophie ❤ Amazing Art!! Wish I could draw like that😂 | Keeper of The Lost Cities | Pinterest | Lost city, The fosters and Lost
My friend Tori made this!!!!!! SOPHITZ FOREVER!
Linh song by miina_the_fangirl! #linhsong #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #keeperofthelostcitiesfanart
Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #teamfosterkeefe
KOTLC Characters Using PicCollage and avatarmaker.com Sophie, Keefe, Fitz, Tam, Linh, Biana, and Dex. Ik they're not "accurate" but it was the best I could ...
The Sophie Foster Protection Squad
Della Vacker
Keefe Sencen and Tam Song fan art by claandy on tumblr! #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities
Dara V (artist) sur Instagram : Here's a sort of a redraw of a drawing I did last year.. it's Livvy, or Physic, from the book series Keeper of the Lost ...
Hey all! I reimagined the KOTLC characters as chibis and used the app ChibiStudio to make this! Comment @shannonmessenger so she sees this!
Dex Diznee, Biana Vacker, Fitz Vacker, Sophie Foster, and Keefe Sencen, about to set off to Ravagog.
Sophie Foster
Sokeefe fan art! Sokeefe for life! Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #sokeefe
Sophie and "Nessie"
Sophie Foster | Disneybound outfits | Pinterest | The fosters, Lost city and Lost
Fitz - Keeper of the Lost Cities
keepers of the lost cities sophie foster - Google Search
Keeper of the Lost Cities Art & Doodles Blog - Keeper in suits: Sophie Foster (click for clearer.
the og dex stan
I laughed in study hall I feel like someone's done these? But I couldn'
by dragonwinniekotlc sophiana birthday!
the og dex stan
super cute marella!!!!! in a suit by dragonwinniekotlc
(exp for the new characters,Linh and Tam Song) To the author of my no.1 series on my Top Tier Book List...i even learned the word Top tier from u...haha
Sophie Foster and Fitzroy Vacker (Sofitz)- Kotlc
So edited Sophie to have brown hair and blue eyes! She looks so much like
Nightfall Keefe quotes!! TEAM FOSTER-KEEFE 4 LIFE!! Work made by my best friend!!
#wattpad #fanfiction When Sophie decides that maybe she is causing WAYY too much trouble, only Keefe can save her. Tons of Sokeefe! #OTP Let's reach 1k!
Sophie Foster from kotlc drawn by Alise Copeland
This is the real way I picture Fitz
Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen! #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #sokeefe
A Keeper comic by @soitz_and_kiana_forever2015 on Instagram #keeperofthelostcities #kotlc #shannonmessenger Lost City
@_keeper_of_the_papayas_ sur Instagram : Have you gotten any of your friends to read KOTLC? If so did they enjoy it? Credit: Me @_keeper_of_the_papayas_…
This is literally the first few books lol. Sophie Foster and Councillor Bronte! #kotlc #shannonmessenger #keeperofthelostcities #funny
#kotlc #kotlcmemes #kotlcfandom #kotlcfan #tam #keefe #fitz #sophie
credit: dragonwinnie-kotlc bianella, queens of foxfire <3
Biana and Tam from #keeperofthelostcities, by Xylia Neo
Keeper of the Lost Cities crushes based on the book series Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger ~ from CatherinePinsALot
Sophie from Keeper of the Lost Cities (*fangirl squeal* Flashback is almost here
Sophitz by siocynder on tumblr
alicornwings's photo on Instagram- I'm assuming this is Brant... Wow, this is really good.
Sokeefe #Keefe #Sophie #Kotlc #ship #otp
kaeleetheselkie:“Biana makeovers??? Idk Dex and Biana are never drawn together”
by dragonwinniekotlc < Omg I love this so much this is amazing
Sophie Foster and Linh Song- Kotlc
Keeper of the Lost Cities Art & Doodles Blog - Keeper in Suits: Tam Song I love my stylish Shade.
Another awesome KEEPER comic
daeneblu:“ Just an old drawing of Linh from Keepers that I never bothered to
biana in a suit by dragonwinniekotlc Jily, Lost City, Clace, Percabeth, Cities
Sophie Foster age twelve The Last Olympian, Lost City, Trials Of Apollo, Fantasy
This is the best post I have ever seen. I have been waiting my whole life for this.
L004P on
Made it. Team KOTLC and their abilities. < <
abby on Instagram: “linh with greyfell's wings as a companion piece to my sophie with (silveny's) wings, cause sike i'm a solinh shipper at heart . #kotlc…”
a Red line should be drawn from Sophie to Keefe too! She just doesn't know yet!!! Keefe even hinted at it after he was enhanced
Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback by Shannon Messenger Fitz's confession to Sophie
SDCC 3 Buttons Team Sophie Fitz Dex Swag 2017 Keeper Of The Lost Cities Book
Keeper of the lost cities fanart
Linh Song from Keeperofthelostcities Made by: Artisy_Art on Instagram (Aka Me!)
Good Match (A sokeefe [kotlc] fanfiction)
Sophie and Keefe❤ ❤ ❤️
Sophie visiting Elwin for the first time (scene from KOTLC #1) drawn by
Credit to @echick03 Thanks for sending me this!! So sorry I've
The Sophie Foster Protection Squad
Vespera- Kotlc
Tumblr keeper of the Lost Cities Keefe Sencen Sophie Foster Fitz Vacker Sofitz Shannon Messenger
Why can't we all just get along and respect Sophie!
Because I always feel like Sophitz moments are kinda just Sophie saying that Fitz's eyes are pretty, ...
The character struggles... lol #kotlc
Scene from the first chapter of Keeper of the Lost Cities. by Kai's Works
Keeper in Suits: Linh Song Taking a short break from drawing Keeper art requests to
biana with dex's hair, sophie with fitz's hair, and linh with biana's hair by
Sophie Elizabeth Foster~Keeper of the lost cities #kotlc #keeperofthelostcities #books #
Lady Gisela, by Laura Hollingsworth
Marella Redek~ credit if used!
YES! EVEN THOUGH RUPERT GRINT ISNT THAT AGE ANYMORE! Shannon Messenger Keeper of the Lost Cities
Keefe Sencen and Sophie Foster (Sokeefe)- Kotlc The Land Of Stories, Lost
Instagram post by Sophie Elizabeth Foster • Jan 17, 2015 at 8:36pm UTC