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Ontario's education minister says no decisions have yet been made as the government considers removing class-size caps in kindergarten and primary grades.
Vidyo for Research in Higher Education
5 Quick Classroom-Management Tips for Novice Teachers
first week of school clean and tidy classroom tables
Education in Djibouti
Fast forward to 2017, inspired by Alisha's story and the stories of many such teachers that we supported in the earlier years, we thought, why don't we turn ...
Personalized learning: The importance of teachers in a technology-driven world
The kindergarten classroom's flexible environment supports dynamic teaching and learning–so why don't we use it for grades 1-12?
At a Glance. In an inclusion classroom, general education ...
Engaged students at work in a classroom
How to Set Up Your Kindergarten Classroom Quickly
"If your child's potential isn't being fully unlocked in traditional classrooms, consider Vine Academy's fast-paced, customized program that is built, ...
Teacher with her students at storytime
Teaching Abroad Survey Irish teachers in Britain report long hours, high stress, 'immense
Teacher helping student
7 smart ways to use technology in classrooms
Second grade library after
Boy classroom gazing up
Dana Hashmonay, now 21, took a medical leave during her sophomore year of college
How Technology Can (and Does) Improve Education
19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies
If you don't have a degree
Hear from the entire class at once
Fun & Activity-based Mathematics
Fifth graders Dominick Kushner, center, William Greenawalt, right, and Anthony Oliastro,
While we all may follow our own unique pursuits in a lifetime, the quest for purpose through self-improvement and knowledge is among the great unifiers of ...
collaborative learning
FAST in action: A visit to Andrew P. Hill High School
Techniques for Sleeping in Class
... department of computer science at Dartmouth recently sent an e-mail to all of us on the faculty. The subject line read: “Ban computers in the classroom?
What is Rote Learning—and is it Effective? A Battle Between Memory and Intelligence
Progress in Our Schools
Effective teaching: 10 tips on what works and what doesn't
50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing-a great reference sheet for providing reinforcers for an individual, a group, or the whole class!
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Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say
Shakuntala Badi is 13 years old and studies in Class 5B at Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher
Local sheriff says school districts aren't implementing school safety recommendations fast enough
Manage teaching and learning with Classroom. Classroom helps students and teachers organize ...
Combination arrangements
Watch 2nd Grade Teacher Encourage Students Every Morning With Fun Song and Dance
21st century education
Teachers Explain Exactly How They Avoid Getting Sick
Male teacher presenting wirelessly in front of a whiteboard
Meditation doesn't just help kids feel relaxed; neuroscience suggests that it changes the structure and function of the brain. (Shutterstock)
When White Parents Won't Integrate Public Schools
Raspberry Pi: Britain's best-selling computer is revolutionising classrooms, make sure you students aren't missing out. This single-board computer can help ...
Ready to build an amazing classroom community?
Finally- finally you have your class roster in your hand. Your brain and eyes fight to scan the list as fast as possible, as you hope and pray that you ...
School students fared better in tests after the classroom had been circulated with fresh air, shows new study.
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Classroom Activities For Kids
See a Complete Classrooms® layout from three perspectives-two side views and an overhead view!
Presenting vocabulary
Help Students Feel Empowered at School
Nine Classroom Backchannel Tools You Can Start Using Today
Can I really become a teacher with just my bachelor's degree? It's not in teaching!
What Teachers Can Do in the Classroom
7 Classroom Math Activities That Will Make Math Engaging and Fun
ELL Strategies & Best Practices
Children seated in a classroom
Small Changes in Teaching: The First 5 Minutes of Class
NCSS is the Ideal Companion Software Solution for Teaching and Learning Statistics
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Who doesn't like to play classroom games? Not only are games fun, interactive, and social, but they're also great tools for learning.
Primary classroom
SKIS has become the first school in the world to have a full range of digital display solutions in its classrooms.
Fun and Engaging Classroom Atmosphere. Student at a Language School in Montreal during an English Course
10 Ways Teachers Can Create a Positive Learning Environment
At a Glance
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